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The professionals at Carriage Hill have extensive transactional and advisory experience…

spanning a wide range of business types and industries. The performance of our senior executives and middle-management is the advantage that is sustained year-after-year.

Charles Compo,
Managing Director

Maureen McCarthy,
General Counsel

Tracy Kollin Smith,
Vice President Research

Martin Hausman, Senior Advisor

John Favre,
Vice President Business Development

Andrew Esterman,
Senior Vice President

Peter Compo, Ph.D., Senior Advisor

Bob Myers, Associate

Sara Capra, Associate

Stephen Klein,
Managing Director

C. Evan Smith,

Jennifer Hultberg,
Vice President Operations

Donald Hempson, Senior Advisor

Jon Bates,
Vice President Business Development

Orrin Schwab, PhD,
Vice President Research

Mark Pollak, Associate

Sean Gillen, Associate

Carriage Hill

“Charles Compo has a unique ability to quickly assess the underlying personal and business needs, desires and objectives of the seller and the buyer. He then skillfully and tirelessly utilizes this information to assist in effectuating a satisfactory agreement. Having him on your team will no doubt greatly benefit your M&A activities.”

— Robert R. Isen, CEO, Allied Extruders, Inc., a Viapack Company