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DW Healthcare acquires General Home Pharmacy

General Home Pharmacy is a leading compounding pharmacy that operates under the brand Sinus Dynamics.

The company offers a selection of drug delivery devices designed to deliver compounded medications topically within the nasal and sinus regions. The pharmacy produces custom compounded liquid and liquid gel antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory medications in their state of the art, quality controlled laboratories.

Carriage Hill assisted the founder and CEO in capturing the value that he had created and helped position the company for accelerated growth through a merger with a private equity owned business in the same industry.

Formed in 2002, DW Healthcare Partners is a healthcare focused private equity firm. DW invests in leading healthcare companies with high growth potential in the middle market. Their extensive knowledge of the healthcare market allows them to understand the operational and strategic issues confronting business owners and help accelerate the growth of businesses in order to build shareholder value.

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