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Medquip is acquired by Drive Medical

Medquip is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative healthcare products; specializing in the categories of compressor nebulizer systems, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitors.

MEDQUIP is recognized as being a leading expert in the design of Airial® brand adult and pediatric nebulizer systems. Airial® brand products are known for quality having achieved an industry wide reputation of reliability, with a proven track record of dependability.

Carriage Hill assisted the founder and CEO of Medquip and the management of Drive to consolidate several division and companies to become the leader in pediatric nebulizers and other respiratory related products.

Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of durable medical equipment. The Company markets and distributes its products to customers located throughout North America, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

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